Another Date

He was late…
She told him she would be ready by nine PM. It is now 9:20… Maybe he decided not to come after all. He seemed kind of nervous when she spoke to him briefly. Maybe he has no idea where this hotel is?
“I gave him the right room number, didn’t I? “ she wondered. As she quickly pulled up the last message she sent to him. “No, that’s right… hum?” She starts to wonder if he got cold feet.
The text went like this “Hi John this your date for this evening please meet me at the Travel Lodge in room 126 at 9:00. I can’t wait to meet you. Natalie”. After re-reading what she wrote she starts to giggle and she thinks to herself since there is no one else in the room to speak too. “Are they all named John?” Of course she didn’t use her real name, just like she would never let him see her real hair.
Looking up she sees her reflection in the hotel’s bathroom mirror. The black shiny bob needs to be replaced for something a little but sexier than this. But, it was all she could afford when she bought it. It was also the most realistic wig of all 15 she tried on. Without touching it and maybe from 20 feet away, it actually looked real. Reaching up to straighten the black nest on her head so the part was straight down her the center of her head, her attention drifted down to her outfit. The persona she takes on is still such an enigma to her. When she sees herself in a mirror she barely recognizes her own image. Her face with the thick black eyeliner and fake eyelashes, contrasting against the glittery purple shadow that takes over her lids is a far cry from the mascara only look she customarily wears in her normal day. Her normal long red hair is tucked securely away under the wig and her lips, which normally only glisten from her gloss, are now stained blood-red to set off the paleness of her skin. The makeup makes her facial features pop out, where normally she can look quite bland. The darkness of her eyes makes them look sunken in and mysterious her lips become round and full.
“No one would call this girl mousy” she thinks to herself.
Gone are her simple form-fitting jeans and cotton T-shirt. Gone is the “NYC” Baseball hat and flip-flops. Instead she is wearing her very low-cut, short black dress from Frederick’s of Hollywood. Which displays her purple teddy and black bra, which shows off her exquisitely large breasts. The skirt of the dress barely covering the purple –laced-thigh-high-fish-net stocking she is wearing. Her matching thong is secretly waiting for its own entrance, later. She is a bit turned on by her own image. She is shocked at how well her girls look when she brings them out to play like this. Her legs look so long in their heels, she hopes John is satisfied with what he sees. She needs this date to go well, more than she could ever let him know.
There is a quiet little knock on the door. She asks, “Yes who is it”?
“John” she hears a quiet man’s voice say.
Looking behind her again at the mirror for one last check, she takes a deep breath before she opened the heavy door. She has to remember to keep her feelings to herself from here on in. She is here to provide him with a service. She is here to give him whatever he wants. The better she is for him the better the outcome would be for her.
She was pleasantly surprised when she saw John. He looked really handsome and she found herself getting wet between her thighs at the idea of being able to fuck him. He stood in the door looking quite suave with his thin, tall frame. His face was friendly and his eyes sparkled in the light next to the door. He dressed in nice but moderate jeans and t-shirt. His style seemed to match her normal look completely. “God he’s HOT!” she thinks to herself.
“Hi John, please come on in” she says as she steps back to give him space to move forward. He looks really nervous, he keeps playing with his keys. She tries not to giggle; this is always a good thing, when she has more confidence than her date.
“I brought you some food.” He says, “ I didn’t know what you would want so I have, salad, water, bananas, ice cream…” his voice trails off from the apparent end to his shopping list. WOW food. That is unexpected. She had never anticipated that one.
“Well thank you John that is very thoughtful of you.” She responds sweetly making sure to touch his arm ever so slightly. “I am not really hungry right now. But, if you would like to eat, I can wait”.
This is when John finally seems to take in her full attire, his eyes skimming her entire body, stopping longer than anywhere else at her significant chest that is bulging out at him. She starts to wonder if she is going to have to take control of this one or if he is going to call the shots. “Should she start the next moment” she wonders as she starts to walk towards his fiercely staring eyes.
“STOP” he demands.
His entire demeanor has somehow changed just by admiring her. He kicks off his shoes and pulls off his shirt and suddenly turns and pulls out the desk chair, spinning it around so it’s facing the rest of the room and he sits down. “Please turn slowly around so I can see all of you?” he asks her.
OK, she sees he is going to step up and take the rings here. She finds that sexy as shit and feels herself moisten again. “This is going to be a fun night”, is what she thinks to herself but all John heard was “Ummm, Yes Sir”. As she does exactly what he asks of her?
“God you are a beautiful Woman Natalie” he whispers, “please bend over and pull up your dress. I need to see that ass”. As she starts to bend down away from him, she doesn’t have a chance to lift her own skirt before she feels him do it for her. His hand sliding up along the side of her thigh to find the hem of her skirt he quickly flips it over her back, revealing her large white ass cheeks and black thong.
“Oh Natalie, that is a beautiful sight. I cannot wait to bury my tongue in your ass later.” His announcement made her legs a little weak. She wanted to feel his tongue slither in between her ass cheeks right now. “Take off your dress!” he demanded. She responded immediately, only revealing her skin-tight teddy that accentuated her curves perfectly.
“Please come here and show my cock some attention. I want you to do your best to make my dick as slippery as possible so that when I shove it in your pussy it feels that much better for you.” His promise of a fuck only made her more turned on. She quickly grabbed a pillow and threw it on the floor at his feet. Kneeling down on her knees she unzipped the crotch of his jeans. His cock was already throbbing with blood. Pulsing to the beat of his own heart. His head practically forced his zipper down and popped out between the metal teeth. This made her feel so sexy, she could tell that he liked what he saw, or he wouldn’t be this erect. She helped him escape completely from his fabric cell and began to stroke his cock completely while she stared into his eyes. Neither of them spoke for a few minutes, they didn’t need too. She knew what he wanted, he had told her. He was waiting, patiently.
She took a deep breath and let her hands hold his dick straight for her and she slid her wet mouth all the way down his salty shaft. Stopping only when she was starting to gag on his enormous head, which was slamming into the back of her throat. His balls were hitting her chin as she played with them tenderly, her tongue swirling around the underside of his hard rod. She slowly began to pull away from him, with her silent suction gaining its hold on his cock with each millimeter she pulled. His moans told her she was doing a good job. She continued this process over and over again. Each time sliding farther down his shaft and with each pull her suction became just a little bit firmer around his cock. His moans only got louder and louder.
“He’s going to cum” she thought to herself and she moved her hand from his balls and wrapped them around the only section of his dick not engulfed by her mouth or lips and pulled the skin towards her face.
“Oh Fuck NATALIE!” he practically yells, gripping her biceps and pulling her off of him. “Get up!” he demands as he himself stands up.
She rises; surprised he didn’t just cum in her mouth. As soon as she is upright he pulls her form fitting teddy over her head, exposing the matching black bra to go with her thong and fish net stalking. John takes another good look at her body from head to toe. Taking some time to devour her breasts, he pulled her left breast from her bra, so he could nibble on it aggressively. Just as his other hand reached around and unclasped her bra, his mouth dropped her tit and found her mouth. She barely noticed the bra falling to the floor as he sucked her tongue dry. With his hands exploring every curve of her form, he was suddenly ripping her panties off with one hand. She felt the slightness of the material drifting down past her ankle.
“Sit here” he directs her and he points to the hard chair he was just residing in. He slides her hips to the end of the hard seat and sits across from her on the edge of the bed. “Open your legs up for me Natalie. Let me see that tight pussy of yours”, She does as he asks
“Well look at you, you really are a sweet little pussy aren’t you Natalie?” He asks but not really wanting an answer as his finger start to play with her clit. Swirling his finger tips through the folds of her cunt she felt herself start to seep. Just then his tongue slid in between her lips and started to probe her wet pussy. She was shocked at his speed and so aroused by his ability. “Oh God” she moaned like animal as his fingers explored her asshole. She was invaded with mini small orgasms over and over again, penetrating every single one of her senses. She didn’t even notice that he had re-positioned himself under her.
Swiftly he pulled her down onto his hard cock. She almost screamed as he briskly lifted her up again and then shoved her back down onto his rod. This continued for a while, him wildly slamming her wet pussy down harder and faster onto his thick cock. Finally, she couldn’t take anymore. She wanted to cum so bad and she needed him to do it first. She reached around his neck, throwing back her head, her wig hanging from her sweat drenched forehead; she arched her back to get just a little bit more of him to slide into her. She looked back at him, just as she squeezed every muscle in her pussy.
“Oh Jesus Natalie!” he moaned and then shuddered. His dick danced inside of her and she felt her own response to his orgasm. She moaned loudly as her muscles did their involuntary spasms of their own. She had fallen into his arms, numb, as he sat like a frog, holding both their weight on his legs. He kissed her face and stared deep into her eyes.
“Baby you are amazing! I love you… You’re so fucking crazy!” he said as he held her tight.
She was just trying to catch her breath before she was able to reply, “Thank you honey. Did you remember to pick the laundry up at the cleaners before you found my note?” she giggles “I love you too.”


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